About Me

Hi, my name is Janine and I am the founder, owner and designer of JSM Lingerie.

I started the brand in 2015 as I saw a gap in the market for a locally made, top end range of lingerie in basic colours.

I come from a corporate marketing background and knew nothing about making lingerie. It took me forever it felt like to find someone that would work with me and create what I had in mind. I recall sitting in a coffee shop telling myself if I cant find someone that day I would stop..I found someone the next day and so the range started.

I source materials locally, design it myself and create it with help from a local based factory and lingerie constructional design engineer. I design items I like ( being a South African lady) with the aim of making women feel empowered and beautiful and feel at their best.

The lingerie items are all designed to make your body (regardless of what you think) look at its best and giving you the confidence to be the best version of you. I battle with all the same things from never looking good enough to never being good enough but this range has been my journey to make myself feel confident and empowered …. I hope you feel the same way wearing Just Say Maybe lingerie.