The most important thing is that it affects you positively. Rap good at all if the music has on us such a positive impact, why can not it be used in education? The school is often treated with neglect. Of course there are exceptions, but generally do not like the school of music ... My only contact with the singing during school and music lessons were in English and it occasionally. Only, being in college, I got a "revelation" that music can also be used on other objects. The inspiration was my favorite "teacher" movie "Dangerous Minds. History Ron Clark, "and the exact piece of lessons, during which Ron Clark rapped about the Presidents of the United States. I thought to myself: "Wooow brilliant idea!" And then: "Nooo, yes, but it's just a movie ..." He consoled me, however, that it is not "just a movie" because Ron Clark is a character authentic, the man who founded the academy and his "crazy" ideas embodies in life :). All the time I had this scene from the back of the head. One day I decided that I'll try to be a little like Ron Clark, she will create a rap song and sing it with my students. Unfortunately, the ability of music I do not have too much, so I started to search the internet for some educational rap. To my delight I found T-rappers over the Vistula, whose works are an educational mine. They rap mostly about history and readings school. Another noteworthy discovery is "Fluency MC", which raps with English grammar in the main role can be found on the YouTube chan