Sample Proposal Essay Topics

Each paragraph within the body for this essay that is perceptive and examines an unstated presumption this is certainly essential to the argument.

Rater Commentary for Essay Response — Score 5

The assumptions that are major are:

  • that a survey can predict behavior accurately
  • that washing the river will, by itself, enhance usage that is recreational
  • that state plans to wash the river will be realized actually
  • that Mason City are able to invest more about riverside facilities that are recreational

Help within each paragraph is both thoughtful and thorough. As an example, paragraph 2 points out vagueness into the wording regarding the study: Regardless of if water sports ranking among the favorite outdoor recreation of Mason City residents, other recreations may be way more popular. Hence, in the event that assumption that is first unwarranted, the argument to invest in riverside facilities — in the place of soccer industries or golf courses — becomes much weaker. Paragraph 4 considers reasons that are several river clean-up plans might not be effective (the plans could be only campaign claims or financing is almost certainly not sufficient). Thus, the weakness associated with 3rd presumption undermines the argument that river fun will increase and riverside improvements will undoubtedly be required after all.

In the place of dismissing each presumption in isolation, this reaction puts them in a rational order and considers their connections. Note the appropriate transitions between and within paragraphs, making clear backlinks one of the presumptions ( ag e.g., "Closely for this surveys …" or "the solution to this concern calls for. ").

Along side strong development, this reaction additionally shows facility with language. Minor mistakes in punctuation can be found, but term alternatives are apt and sentences suitably diverse in length and pattern. The reaction works on the number of rhetorical concerns, however the answers that are implied always clear adequate to offer the points being made.