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Assigning authorship for research documents is tricky. These approaches can help

Maybe you’ve heard about the pet whom co-authored a clinical paper—but exactly what in regards to the dog?

That could be Grandmother Liboiron, owned by Max Liboiron, a scientist that is environmental the Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. The authorship wasn’t simply a quirky answer to a small sentence structure issue, since had been the outcome for the pet. Grandmother obtained an area from the paper themselves too seriously,” Liboiron says because she“attended all meetings, provided support and care work, and kept authors from taking.

Liboiron has implemented an unconventional procedure for determining authorship that prioritizes consensus-building and equity. (in reality, the paper by which Grandmother is a co-author defines the lab’s approach.) Most of the lab’s users have actually a say when you look at the writer list, also if they weren’t active in the task, with one major exclusion: Liboiron recuses by herself through the procedure.